today’s aim was to make people think “wow how very ladylike wait what does her shirt say whoa what the fuck”

featuring “dead men can’t catcall” by lookhuman
why is your potato wearing a harness
Over The Hills And Far Away
Over The Hills And Far Away [EP]
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reasons you should feel snug as a bug in a rug today:

  • "snug as a bug in a rug"
  • petitepasserine once described one of her magical girls as having “a booty that just won’t quit” and i sometimes still chuckle to myself over that
  • i saw a girl out the window when i went out for dinner the other day and stopped eating my broccoli to point out to my bf that she had the most glorious mane i had ever seen
  • i regularly tell my bf funny shit i’ve seen people say on here, mostly from the people i talk to most but sometimes not
  • my sister is playing bioshock infinite right now because i played it before her because buttsauce-vakarian told me to

what does this have to do with me, vivi? you bloody loon? i hear you cry. well, friend, if i do all that then it’s likely everyone does that and if everyone does that then it’s likely that someone out there is experiencing a positive effect of your existence right now, whether they’re admiring your mane from a restaurant window or remembering some dumb shit you said three weeks ago that made them laugh.

this has been a psa


Here’s a close up of my syrup choker from my last ootd!

Oscar de la Renta Spring 2007 Details